Over 85 local residents participated in an online Town Hall meeting on April 3rd to discuss recent crimes and safety concerns in the Larchmont area. The meeting featured updates from LAPD officers and focused on a number of issues facing our neighborhood.

Neighbors can read a recap of the meeting in this Larchmont Buzz article at this link: https://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/more-than-85-residents-tune-in-to-lba-crime-and-safety-town-hall-meeting/

or watch a recording of the meeting at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/Fj3jwkRZInO_QRMCwpdiS-xtLtQA9soN5GXbxR6G-YGPtHg9UTvDkjQhAUE4djr3LEsfoM4ABl3Rw7Vw.jjhWt2M_NvQYLEmJ

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