Neighborhood Watch

In 2003 in response to a series of incidents along First Street between Larchmont Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue, the Windsor Square Association decided to make Neighborhood Watch part of the existing block captain network.

Block captains are now asked to report any incident in their area to the Windsor Square Association at so that this information can be circulated to the block captain network. We also copy the LAPD and the Council Office. In this way the neighborhood is kept informed and a record is generated.

Along First Street east of Larchmont, or “Quad 2” as it is also known, the block captains have been asked to update their roster of neighbors and to enlist the assistance of a back up person. Neighborhood Watch signs, funded in part by a grant from the Council Office, will be installed later this year. If this pilot program proves successful it will be extended to the rest of Windsor Square.

Because there is a danger of misinformation and duplicate information being circulated, we ask that these crime reports flow back to the community through the block captains. However, if anybody has something they wish to report directly they can do so by contacting us using the contact form on this page. Please be sure to include the time and date of the incident and any significant descriptions.