Safety & Security

Windsor Square is one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.   However,  no crime is unimportant if you were its victim or if the crime happened on your street.   Below we have provided information about some of the institutions responsible for security in Windsor Square. But you can improve your personal safety dramatically simply by doing the following:

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Make your own home safer – studies have shown that weak locks, poor lighting and overgrown bushes and trees significantly contribute to the possibility of crime occurring. So fix those locks, cut back those hedges, install the motion sensitive light over the garage.

Use common sense – remember that despite its suburban look, Windsor Square is part of the city. Use caution when walking alone at night; don’t fumble for your keys at the front door. As one of the Senior Lead Officers remarked at a recent security meeting, “have a plan or, at least, try to look like you have one.”

Report all incidents – some people seem reluctant to call the police about anything other than the most serious incidents. The police themselves recommend the opposite. LAPD resources are allocated based on incidents that are reported and the investigation of so-called “quality of life” crimes has been shown to frequently result in arrests for more serious ones.

Participate – find out who your block captain is and offer to help them. Get to know your neighbors. Don’t be afraid to question suspicious looking behavior. In other words, get involved!
Block captains are now asked to report any incident in their area to the Windsor Square Association at so that this information can be circulated to the block captain network. We also copy the LAPD and the Council Office. In this way the neighborhood is kept informed and a record is generated.

Because there is a danger of misinformation and duplicate information being circulated, we ask that these crime reports flow back to the community through the block captains. However, if anybody has something they wish to report directly they can do so by e-mailing us at . Remember to list the time and date of the incident and any significant descriptions.