The project at 507 N. Larchmont Blvd., which would build a 7 story affordable housing apartment building with reduced setbacks and zero parking on North Larchmont, will be discussed at the upcoming Land Use Committee meeting of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. As a reminder, here’s a link to our January 5th email

Given the time-critical nature of this project, which is being fast-tracked for development, we are encouraging all concerned Windsor Square neighbors to attend the Land Use Committee of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council next Tuesday, January 23rd at 6:30 pm at Marlborough School.

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In advance of the meeting, we are asking all concerned neighbors to send an email expressing their concerns to the Land Use Committee. Click the button below and simply add your name (and street address if you’d like) at the bottom

Here’s the full text of our proposed email:

To: Brian Curran, Chair, GWNC Land Use Committee
cc: Julia Christianson, Administrator, GWNC Land Use Committee

I am a resident of Windsor Square. I am writing to you today in opposition to the proposed SEVEN Story ED1 project for 507 N. Larchmont Blvd. / ADM-2023-8207-DB-HCA-ED1.

I support the building of Affordable Housing.  But this Affordable Housing project is improperly located.

As such, I oppose 507 N. Larchmont as an ill-conceived, out-of-scale, threat to the stability of our Greater Wilshire community and ask the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee to pass a motion in opposition to this project unless and until City Planning and/or the Mayor adequately address the concerns set forth below:

1.  What is the legal basis for allowing 507 to build SEVEN stories when the base allowance (Q) C2-1VL allows three stories and ED1 potentially allows a maximum of an additional three stories?

2.  What is the legal basis for allowing 507 to build zero parking when zero parking requires a project to be within 1/2-mile of a Major Transit Stop and there is not such Major Transit Stop within a half mile

3.  How does this project satisfy the Mayor’s election statement that: “I would not and I do not believe you force things on people. But you do involve people and let them come up with their own solutions. The attitude has to be ‘we all have skin in the game’ and given that how do you deal with it in your neighborhood.” since it allows NO public comment, NO public hearing and streamlined ministerial approval for this proposal?

4.  Where are the cars of these residents going to park? How will their traffic and transportation impacts be mitigated? What about the shade and shadow that this building will create for existing residences that will lose their sunlight? What about the noise and lack of privacy that this project and its open roof deck and tiers of balconies will impose on existing residents? How will those impacts be mitigated?

Our community is at risk.  I hope you, as chairman, and the Land Use Committee, as a whole, will evaluate this project and pass a motion with the intent of denying the approval of 507 N. Larchmont until all the facts and the project’s legal basis can be determined and the community’s voice can be recognized as an important part of the evaluation process. 

Please include my correspondence in the GWNC LUC record and should a motion be passed by LUC please include my correspondence as part of a packet submitted to the GWNC Board and to City Planning for their consideration. 

Thank you.

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