ALERT — to Greater Wilshire, Especially Windsor Square, Neighbors!

WE NEED YOUR VOICE NOW to end the 2010 split of Windsor Square (and the rest of Greater Wilshire) into two sets of separate State and Federal voting districts. Please send an e-mail to REQUEST an essential boundary correction as part of the State’s 2020 REDISTRICTING process for our Sacramento and Washington, D.C. legislators — in the State Assembly, the State Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Details about STOP THE SPLIT are in this one-page explanation and the map above. As you easily can see from the map, the 2010 redistricting SPLIT Windsor Square right down the middle. That should be corrected now!

What you can do now is simple. Send an e-mail message to Sacramento, with your name, address, and contact information. Simply write:

Stop the East-West Split of the Greater Wilshire Community of Interest in Los Angeles!  I live in Windsor Square and am a member of the Greater Wilshire community. Our community was split in half by the 2010 redistricting. Please bring the parts of our community back together. Move the multiple boundary lines east! Please give us back our voice in Sacramento and Washington, D. C. We have provided a detailed map and explanation for you via separate submission. Thank you.

Click this link to pre-fill an email with the suggested text above: Please remember to add your name, address and contact information. Adding details about your history in Windsor Square is also recommended, as these personal stories are favored by the Redistricting Commission.

You do not need to include the attachments that are here. They have been submitted formally already. The goal is to get many people sending the short message above.

Also note that a Redistricting Commission subcommittee for our Los Angeles region is taking live testimony from communities of interest — like Greater Wilshire — on July 15.  So, Please EMAIL NOW.

If you wish to participate in that July 15 meeting, you may do so at:

Thank you.