From our Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, a request for streets in need of repair:

The Bureau of Street Services is conducting a “Neighborhood Council Blitz” to identify and perform small repairs on our needy neighborhood streets. On June 24th  a Small Asphalt Repair truck is scheduled to be in our area to perform repairs to the roadway, curbs, and sidewalks – weather permitting.
The repairs will be limited to 15 addresses, so it’s important to prioritize our trouble spots. Please help by sending photos, addresses and information about the spots most in need of repair to the GWNC’s Transportation Committee at
Committee representatives will collect the information and send it to the Street Services staff, so they can inspect the desired streets and determine the need for repairs and feasibility of completing the work on the scheduled date.  Please submit your requests to GWNC as soon as possible, so we can forward our neighborhood list by the June 16 deadline.