ACT NOW: HEADS UP to our Windsor Square Neighbors!

One month ago, Windsor Square joined a citywide email campaign asking the Mayor to direct the Planning Department to remove the proposed zoning overlays that would allow high-rise apartment building in single-family neighborhoods.

We explained to the Mayor that the City’s own data show that we already have three times the required zoning capacity to meet the State’s housing mandate, without rezoning single-family neighborhoods. In fact, the State itself identified our commercial business-zoned corridors as our highest resource opportunity sites that could accommodate our much needed affordable housing. We fully support this smart approach.

In response to our email campaign, the TOC (Transit Oriented Community) and CHIP (Citywide Housing Incentive Program) overlays were recently removed from single-family residential neighborhoods in the City’s Housing Element. However, a similar program, Residential Opportunity Corridors (ROC), still remains.

In our community, ROC would allow 6-story buildings, as shown below for scale, to be built on the North side of Beverly Boulevard from Arden to Norton.

Who thinks that’s a good idea?

We need the Residential Opportunity Corridor overlay removed from the City’s Housing Element in general.


It’s just one click below to email the Mayor and Council Member Soto-Martinez. You will be presented with a pre-written email. Please just add your name, city and zip code at the bottom of the email, and hit send.

Please also take the time to email the Council Members who sit on the City’s Council PLUM Committee: CM Harris-Dawson, CM Lee, CM Padilla, CM Yaroslavsky and CM Hutt (click on each name to email).

Our last volley of emails and letters helped eliminate the misguided TOC and CHIP overlays. 

Let’s finish the job! Remove ROC!

Email Mayor Karen Bass
Email CD13 Council Member Hugo Soto-Martinez

PLUM Committee Members:

CD5 –  Katy Yaroslavsky
CD6 –  Imelda Padilla
CD8 – Marqueece Harris-Dawson
CD10 – Heather Hutt
CD12 – John Lee