• Use 911 if you see something that the police can follow-up immediately.
  • Most of the crime increase is in car break-ins. Lock car, hide particularly GPS, phones, chargers, money, documents and mail.Crime prevention tips:
  • Be as clear as possible and take special care to collect details – descriptions of cars, people, locations and activities are very important.
  • Use your phone’s camera to photograph license plates, cars, suspicious activity etc. Photos can be sent electronically to the police very quickly.
  • The police are compiling a list of all surveillance cameras so they can check if a crime occurs nearby. Please let your SLO know if you have exterior cameras.
  • Make it very obvious that someone is at home. Do not answer the door if you are concerned, but make it clear that you are in the house.
  • The obvious: set alarms, close doors and windows, use timed lights.

Our precincts use Facebook and Twitter to communicate quickly with the public. Please look them up and follow or friend them:

Windsor Square is divided into two police precincts along the middle of Plymouth.

Both SLOs were very clear that they want the neighbors to feel free to call or email them, even if just to introduce themselves.
To the east of Plymouth, in Olympic Division, our Senior Lead Officer is Joe Pelayo

To the west of Plymouth, in Wilshire Division, our Senior Lead Officer is Dave Cordova

Ben Seinfeld, from Councilman LaBonge’s office, opened the meeting & introduced
Captain Eric Davis from the Wilshire Division &
Captain Robert Arcos from the Olympic Division
(Captain Tina Nieto from Olympic Division was not able to come)

Captain Davis described the burglars and their method of operation. There is an actual increase this year over last of crimes in his area from 49 to 79.  Most of that increase is in car break-ins. The two divisions are working together using both undercover officers and visible patrols to solve and prevent these crimes. Davis said that the LAPD is very aware of a gang related, sophisticated group of criminals who use police scanners and work all over the city. They have been particularly active in Glendale, the Valley, our neighborhood and the South Bay, possibly because of the conjunction of large homes (where neighbors may not be able to see or overhear activity in homes which are often empty during the day), easy freeway and surface street access. There is a task force, called Knock-Knock, describing the criminals’ habit of knocking on the front door and moving the the rear if there is no answer. There have been arrests from this group, though sometimes it is for carrying burglary tools, which carries a much lighter sentence than burglary itself. The same group commit many different crimes (including drug related) so that they may be arrested not for the break-in but for something else.

Most criminal activity is between midnight and six a.m. and patrols have been shifted to reflect this. Four to six arrests have been made of people carrying break-in tools (hammers, etc.). Olympic has a new fingerprint specialist working in their Division on this and other issues. This month our divisions have begun using predictive computer modeling ( of vulnerable areas to organize patrols to significant good effect.

Councilman LaBonge encouraged people to meet their neighbors and stay active in their neighborhood. John Darnell, representing the adjacent CD5 district led by Paul Koretz was at the meeting as well as additional CD10 staff.

Audience questions and comments followed. Questions were raised about the effectiveness of the LAPD Email Quick Alerts and system of reporting a crime. If a crime is in progress police should be called at 911 immediately & before a patrol company. If there is no active crime, the officers may be slower in responding. After the initial visit there will be crime scene analysts who will probably come much after the first officers and may be able to set an appointment to evaluate the scene.

Handouts included:
Home Security advice
Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors
Vehicle Security
Vacation Security
LA Government contacts

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