Meet the candidates for Council District 13 – Two Candidates, Two Nights. Sponsored by the Windsor Square Association, Larchmont Village, Larchmont Boulevard, Ridgewood-Wilton and St. Andrews Square.

Two Candidates. Two Candidate Nights.

Windsor Square and its fellow Greater Wilshire neighborhoods of Council District 13 (Larchmont Village, Larchmont Boulevard, Ridgewood-Wilton and St. Andrews Square) are hosting two Zoom evenings, one for incumbent Mitch O’Farrell and one for challenger Hugo Soto-Martinez. These two candidates are facing off in the November 8 election to be our City Councilperson for the next 4 years.

Listen. Ask. Learn. Decide How to Vote! Which candidate should represent you? Become a smart, informed voter in time to cast your ballot. At each of our two Zoom events, one of the candidates will deliver his thoughts for Windsor Square and the neighborhoods of Greater Wilshire. He will speak and take your questions on very local topics that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Our Very Local Topics.
We’ve asked each candidate to address these questions:
What are your priorities for the City Council?
What changes should we in Greater Wilshire expect you to champion for the City?
What changes should we expect you to champion for Greater Wilshire?
What land use changes will you seek in Greater Wilshire?
What role would you ask us in Greater Wilshire to play in helping you achieve your priorities?

RSVP to join Mitch O’Farrell on Wednesday, October 19, 7-8 PM.

RSVP to join Hugo Soto-Martinez on Thursday, October 20, 7-8 PM.

Every vote, including yours, is the one that will make a difference.