Our Canopy Committee has completed months of research and consultation with tree professionals to bring you this list of Approved Trees for Parkways.

Before removing an old tree on your parkway, you must first obtain a free permit from the city. Please remember, parkway trees are city property and may not be removed or replaced without permission. Permits will not be granted for healthy trees unless they are unsafe.

Great news! Once you have secured your permit contact the WSA Canopy Committee at canopy@windsorsquare.org to find out which variety has been designated for your block. WSA will provide FREE a 15 gallon specimen of of the approved tree as well as help with planting and guidance on care.

Some of the designated trees will remain the same because they have handled the recent stress reasonably well. Some favorites like the Sycamore and Magnolia will not longer be planted because they are either too thirsty or too susceptible to disease and insects. In their stead will be more drought tolerant trees.

In this file, the trees listed in green are the new approved trees.