The following is the Windsor Square Association monthly column published in the Larchmont Chronicle, written by WSA Board Member Margaret Hudson.

Windsor Square Association Annual Meeting

November 15, 2006, 7:00 p.m.

The Ebell — located at Lucerne and Wilshire Boulevards
The Association invites all residents of Windsor Square to attend the annual neighborhood “Town Hall” meeting to be held on November 15, 2006 at 7 p.m. at The Ebell, corner of Lucerne Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard. Parking is available in the lot across Lucerne from the Ebell. Agenda topics will include updates on the street lighting project, the Scottish Rite Building occupancy issues, the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone adoption and implementation, filming policy, security, emergency preparedness and comments from Councilmember Tom LaBonge. Please mark your calendars and bring your questions and suggestions!

Judgment for City in Scottish Rite Cases

On September 20, 2006, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert H. O’Brien signed a Judgment in each of two Scottish Rite cases pending since 2004 and 2005. The Judgments order the Scottish Rite entities to comply with the City’s actions and for the City of Los Angeles to recover its costs expended in defending the two lawsuits. The Scottish Rite then appealed Judge O’Brien’s decision, and – on October 12th – the appeal was denied. Complaints about the zoning violations at this property began in the early 1980s. As WSA President, Mike Genewick said in an interview, “There are many allowable uses for this Park Mile property, and the surrounding communities hope the Scottish Rite will work with the City and others to use its property in one of the many allowable legal ways.”


“E-policing” is the Los Angeles City Police Department’s way of bringing community policing to the Internet. The program enables Senior Lead Officers, Area Captains, and detectives to e-mail newsletters, crime trends and other important information to you via the Internet. To sign up for this valuable free service, go to and complete the form.

Norman Murdoch

The Windsor Square Association expresses its sadness at the passing of Norman Murdoch, a long-time board member. Norman used his experience as a city planner to initiate many of the important projects we all enjoy in Windsor Square including being the impetus for the HPOZ, developing the Windsor Square Master Plan of Parkway Trees, and participating in the planting of over 900 such trees. We are glad that Norman lived to see the fruits of his work for Windsor Square.