The following is the Windsor Square Association monthly column published in the Larchmont Chronicle, written by WSA Board Member Fred Rheinstein.


What’s Happening: The WSA has now received additional signatures from Windsor Square blocks not solicited previously which will be combined with hundreds already in hand. They will be submitted to the City’s Bureau of Street Lighting (BSL) asking that an official City “straw poll” survey be conducted by mail. The poll results will indicate the community’s desire for improved ornamental street lighting where it now is lacking (as shown on this map).

The problem is not new. There is, however, a fresh view of the problem out there now: a new armed patrol service as part of their effort to establish a foothold in our neighborhood has reported to their clients their evaluation of the lighting situation, portions of which are cited:

“It is apparent the areas in the neighborhoods without good lighting invite prostitution, vandalism, gang and narcotic activity.” The patrol service letter cited specific incidents in May, including on 1st and 2nd Streets. The report continues:

“As most are aware 1st and 2nd Streets, from Arden to Van Ness, are a perfect area for prostitution, being benefited by the lack of lighting on the streets. Prostitution brings in an element that generates a variety of other criminal acts. When prostitution activity is reduced or completely removed, the overall crime rate in that area is also drastically reduced.”

NEXT: The WSA petitions are being submitted to the BSL, and with the support and help of our very effective Councilman Tom LaBonge, the BSL will conduct a straw poll which should lead to a formal ballot. It’s been two years of hard work by the WSA, but we are getting closer to a response to the plaint, “Let there be light!”