The following is the Windsor Square Association monthly column published in the Larchmont Chronicle, written by WSA Board Member Margaret Hudson.


December marked the one year anniversary of the Windsor Square HPOZ.

Vince Bertoni, Chair of the HPOZ Board reports that as of November 2006 there were 95 permit applications for projects that affected the portion of a home visible from the street. Of those permit applications, 50 were exempt from review, 21 were reviewed by staff and 24 came before the HPOZ Board. Neighbors that have gone through the process report that the Board review was efficient and helpful. NONE of the recommendations of the Board have been appealed. Thank you to our neighborhood volunteers who serve on the Windsor Square HPOZ Board – Doug Meyer, Architect, Sue Carr, Diane Sherwood and Matt Artukovitch. If you are considering a construction project for your home you can contact our City Planner, Marianne askew (213) 978-1203 to see if your project is subject to HPOZ review.

Compelling data that shows the tangible benefits of preservation is starting to emerge. Anne Loveland of Coldwell Banker reports that in the MLS Area 18 (Western to LaBrea and Melrose to Pico) the average sales price per square foot of a home is $561 which is an increase of 4% from last year. However, in Windsor Square (which is 68 blocks within Area 18) the average sales price per square foot has increased to $663 sq. ft., which is up 15% from a year ago.

Even though the ruling on the Windsor Square HPOZ lawsuit was handed down in October, as of 12/26/06 no orders have been issued by the judge, so our HPOZ remains in effect. The WSA will keep you informed of any changes in the status of the HPOZ as the information becomes available.

Happy New Year to all from the Windsor Square Association.