The following is the Windsor Square Association monthly column published in the Larchmont Chronicle, written by WSA Board Member Margaret Hudson.


Superior Court Judge Janavs issued the writ to set aside and vacate The Cultural Heritage Commission’s 2/4/04 approval of the Windsor Square Historical Resource Survey and set aside and vacate the Ordinance establishing the Windsor Square HPOZ. To date the City Attorney has not responded to the order and we will keep you informed as the information becomes available. If you have questions as to how this ruling may affect any proposed alterations to your property, please contact our City Planner, Marianne Askew (213) 978-1203.


The Windsor Square Street Lighting Committee will be inviting us to help “brighten” our world by circulating a petition on your block to move forward with plans to add street lights to the dark recesses of our neighborhood
This is the first phase towards getting the lights and is a completely non-binding gauge for the city to determine if it is worth their effort to do a study of our lighting needs. There is no financial commitment at this point. They will only need signatures of individuals who think more street lights would be a good thing. Please take the time to learn more about this important proposed project in our neighborhood.


Mike Genewick (Van Ness Ave) has agreed to serve another year as the President of the Windsor Square Association. Thank you to long time Windsor Blvd resident Fred Rheinstein who has agreed to serve as the newest member of the Board. Our other neighbors who continue to serve on the WSA Board are: Michael Barton (S.Van Ness Ave) Sean Elliot (N.Arden Blvd), Scott Goldstein (S.Van Ness Ave), Larry Guzin (S.Norton Ave.), Debbie Hassan (S.Lucerne Blvd), Seth Kaplan (N.Gower St.), Jay Lender (S.Van Ness Ave), Janet Loveland (S. Windsor Blvd), Harry Olivar (S.Arden Blvd), Mary Pickhardt (S.Irving Blvd), Wendy Savage (S.Plymouth Blvd), and John Welborne (S.Plymouth Blvd).