The following is the Windsor Square Association monthly column published in the Larchmont Chronicle, written by WSA Board Member Fred Rheinstein.


Since the completion of The Parkway Tree Planting Project a few years ago, there have been periodic requests by new residents for more trees. Also, current residents have occasionally requested replacement trees for those that have been damaged by traffic accidents. Currently there are several requests for trees to be planted this fall, after the warm weather period passes.

Of the more than nine hundred Canopy parkway trees planted over the years, the vast majority are thriving and are well taken care of by homeowners. However, some of our saplings have failed or are failing, though these are in the distinct minority. Inspections of these young trees reveal that the typical cause of the failure is damage to the lower tree’s bark and cambium layer. This is usually the result of careless maintenance by gardening crews with mowers and weeders. Please remember to take good care of your parkway trees and see that your gardening crews do not damage new, or any, trees with mowers and weeders.

Residents of Windsor Square who would like to request a parkway tree can email

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