From our neighbors:

Two neighbors reported crimes this week. A wallet was stolen from an unlocked car just minutes after being left and a locked car was broken into possibly using a key or clicker clone. Please be careful about parking in secure spots and removing any valuables.

From the Wilshire LAPD:
Thieves are targeting specific vehicles for their catalytic converters which can be stolen in two minutes. The most commonly hit vehicles are SUV’s and trucks, especially late model Toyota pickups, Toyota Forerunners and Honda Elements. Additionally, there continue to be burglaries of residences under construction. Suspects are taking tools from the construction sites. Motion lights, surveillance cameras are suggested and a reminder to secure equipment and the location.
From the Olympic LAPD:
A burglary reported on June 3 on Norton. The burglar was spotted climbing in a kitchen window by a housekeeper. He fled and was arrested soon after.