“There is a new scam that is occurring frequently now. Someone with a thick Indian accent will call your cell phone and identify themselves as being from Microsoft, or Windows and that they received information that your computer is being hacked and all of your personal and sensitive information is at risk.

They will then offer to help you. They will request you go to your computer, where they will proceed to talk you thru several clicks and operations on your computer to “protect your computer.” What you are doing however is granting them remote access to your computer. They are then able to set traps to collect your passwords to your email and banking accounts next time you log in. Once they have your passwords they can wire money from your bank accounts and even lock you out of your own computer.

This is one of the phone numbers they are using for this scam (254)232-2547. If redialed the number is not in service.

Never allow a stranger to have remote access to your computer.”