Earlier this year, the City of Los Angeles began implementing a new curbside organics recycling program to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 1383 which requires a 75 percent reduction of organic waste disposed by 2025.  Similar efforts are underway in other California cities. Under this program, food scraps and food soiled paper are now placed in your green bin in addition to  grass, wood waste and other yard trimmings.  

The City of LA is now making available free kitchen composting bins to allow you to easily collect organics in your kitchen for transfer to your green bin.  Materials in the green bin are processed into compost to be used by farmers.  

To make these pails more widely available, the Windsor Square Association has arranged with the City to distribute these pails to interested homeowners.   The Hancock Park HOA is graciously providing the logistics to arrange for local pickup of these bins.

If widely implemented, this program will substantially reduce the amount of material currently land filled. LA County officials estimate that organic waste currently comprises 34 percent of the waste disposed of in Los Angeles County.  Since landfills are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, less organic waste disposal will result in an immediate environmental benefit.

Click here to learn more about the Curbside Organics Recycling Program 

Once we know the total number of homes requesting composting bins, we will advise those who have placed an order by email of the nearby location and time for pickup.