Thanks thanks thanks to all of you who have written about coyote sightings and kept vigilant. We continue to have coyote reports, though they have slowed a bit.

A brief summary of sightings:
1.8.14 Second and Windsor to Fifth and Windsor (strolling down the street)
1.8.14 100 S. Irving block (napping in the yard, threatening a six year old)
1.8.14 200 S. Plymouth block (on the front porch)
1.7.14 South Irving between Third and Fourth Streets (stalking a dog)
1.6.14 Norton and Second
1.5.14 Golf Course (chased a golfer)
1.5.14 100 North Norton (at back door)
1.1.14 First and Norton
12.30.13 Second and Norton
12.26.13 Irving and First (back yard)
12.26.13 Irving and Arden between First and Second Streets (backyard napping at 10:30 am)
12.26.13 100 South Irving block (on backyard wall) best photo award to Lynette
12.26.13    Lucerne and Second (1 pm) 2nd and Windsor ((1:19) Second and Windsor (front porch 11:50 am)
12.20.13 500 South Arden BLock (front yard, 4 pm)
12.20.13 Windsor (200 North Windsor block 3 pm)
12.15.13 500 S. Muirfield (dog attached)
12.11.13 First and Irving (wandering all moring) and Norton
12.9.13 100 Block South Irving
12.9.13 600 South Lucerne (dog killed), Norton Irving