Missive from January 15 from our Trapping Maestro:
“So what I wanted to let everyone know today…is that we’re on Day 7  (out of 10 days contract) and have so far caught two cats and two possums. They’ve all been released unharmed obviously.
But no coyotes. I haven’t received one report of a coyote siting in 3 or 4 days. Maybe others have and just not emailed me…but it feels like the coyotes are lying low for some reason.

Anyway, Casey (the specialist) and I decided that it would probably increase our chances of of a capture if we worked in conjunction with the Wilshire Country Club (this is something that someone had strongly suggested earlier-can’t remember who).
I connected Casey with WCC and they spoke this am. WCC is hiring their own firm around the week of the 20th, but in the interim…we are moving at least one of our three traps to the club just to increase our odds. Ironically the WCC
has had no coyote sighting nor any tell tale signs of them either! Very perplexing as they are not known to just disappear from a neighborhood.

With three days left to go…we may not catch a coyote in the 10 day contracted period. However, Casey has graciously extended that period. He won’t say how long but I also know we have additional funds to keep this operation going another week-should we need it

Thanks for helping spread the word.”